Rat Control


Experts in Pest Management: Rats in Nanaimo

Nanaimo Pest Control is a leading pest management firm, specializing in eliminating rats in Nanaimo. Rats are one of the most secretive, and successful mammals throughout the world. They are prolific in Nanaimo and mid-island communities including: Duncan, Ladysmith, Port Alberni, Parksville and Qualicum. Vancouver Island is home to two non-native commensal species of rats: Roof Rats – Rattus rattus, and the Norway rat – Rattus norvegicus.

Roof rats have amazing climbing abilities, and are often found (although not exclusively) in the higher regions of structures, hence their name! Norway rats tend to be found in lower areas of structures (although not exclusively), and often dig extensive nests in soil and beneath structures with burrow entrances/exits being found by property owners. Both rats can be found in sewer and drainage systems, often leading to very difficult infestations to control. Roof rats and Norway rats cannot interbreed, and are two distinct different species, with different behavioural characteristics. Rats can carry harmful pathogens, and are vectors of multiple zoonoses (diseases transmitted from animals to humans).

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Rat Control

  • Rat control begins with an understanding of their biology and behaviour. Failing to understand these complicated animals often results in control failure and repeated infestations. Species identification is critical in rat control.
  • Indoors: trapping, exclusion, and sanitation are the recommended control methods. Poison baits should be avoided, especially indoors.
  • Rats are often found nesting in attics, crawlspaces, and wall voids. Trapping programs should be concentrated on areas where rats are found to be nesting and spending considerable time.
  • Identifying all rodent access points is critical in rat management. Exclusion is the only long term control strategy for rodents.


  • All food sources, indoors and out, should be removed or stored in rodent proof containers. Sanitation is pest control!
  • Bird feeders should be removed. Bird seed can be a favourite food for all rodents, and will attract and sustain populations on and near your property.
  • Vegetation should be managed to discourage rodent activity. This means cutting at least 4-6 feet from structures, trimming the bottom sides of hedges and bushes to remove ground cover, and cutting all tree limbs away from roof lines at least 4-6 feet.
  • All fruit, nuts, and seeds from vegetation should be cleaned up in a timely manner.

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