Nanaimo Bed Bugs Thermal Heat

Thermal Heat: Most Effective Treatment for Bed Bugs in Nanaimo

Nanaimo Pest Control understands that bed bugs can be one the most challenging and demanding pests someone can encounter. Resistance against pesticides, cryptic behaviour, and incredible reproductive potential can make infestations unmanageable quickly. Thermal Heat treatment is the most effective treatment against bed bugs… Period! And Nanaimo Pest Control has the most experience getting rid of bed bugs in Nanaimo, Duncan, Ladysmith, Parksville, Qualicum. 

What are Thermal Heat Treatments? Why are they So Effective? 

Simply, thermal heat treatments use specialized equipment to raise the temperature of a specific area, whether it is a house, office, apartment building, etc., above the threshold which bed bugs can survive. This temperature spectrum is referred to as the thermal death point (all living organisms have a thermal death point). Thankfully, the thermal death point of bed bugs is relatively low, between 48-52C. Research has shown, bed bug eggs can survive approximately 90mins in temperatures of 48C, while bed bugs and eggs die within minutes of exposure at temperatures of >51C. Heat treatment temperatures typically reach 60C within the treatment space. MOST INFESTATIONS ARE ELIMINATED IN ONE DAY!!

Why Choose Nanaimo Pest Control for Thermal Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs in Nanaimo?

  • We (Nanaimo Pest Control and Victoria Pest Control) are currently the only Vancouver Island based, licensed pest management firm to offer thermal treatments. Choosing a BC Ministry of Environment Certified and licensed pest control company is important.
  • We have extensive experience with bed bugs in Nanaimo, we understand not only their behaviour but also their biology, 
    but we understand their behavioural response to thermal treatments.
  • We have years of experience using thermal heat to control bed bugs. Heating structures is difficult, thoroughly understanding the process and its limitations is critical in reducing treatment failures.
  • All thermal heat treatments include post treatment inspections, monitoring devices, and desiccant dust applications into difficult to “heat” areas of the structure. We come back to verify our treatment results and offer you peace of mind.

For professional, reliable and experienced service in eliminating bed bugs in Nanaimo & the surrounding area, call us at Nanaimo Pest Control!