Integrated Pest Management

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Integrated Pest Management

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Integrated Pest Management is the law in British Columbia, and is the cornerstone of safe, effective, and environmentally responsible pest management. The cornerstones of Integrated Pest Management are:

  • INSPECTION: A thorough inspection of a property or structure is the first step in identifying the “causes” of pest activity.
  • IDENTIFICATION: Proper identification of the target pest species is essential in creating an effective plan.
  • MONITOR: Monitoring pest activity is critical in establish population levels, and areas of activity.
  • ACTION: Treatments are evidence based, effective, and utilize least harmful methodologies.
  • EVALUATION: All treatments and actions should be evaluated to monitor progress, and ensure problems are resolved.

At Nanaimo Pest Control,  our pest management services come included with treatment evaluations and follow up inspections. Not only is this better service, it’s the law!